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StratConn Business Meetings

StratConn Business Meetings: Matching the Right People with the Right Solutions.™

The StratConn Business Meeting SeriesTM, developed by the Path to Purchase Institute, lets buyers and sellers connect more efficiently and strategically than ever before. Serving several niche markets in the RETAIL and MARKETING industries, StratConns bring the right business partners together through well-planned, 30-minute face-to-face sessions in private conference rooms. Limited to a small number of high-value buyers and sellers, StratConn's focus is squarely on building business the smart way. Read more about StratConn »

How Institute StratConn Meetings Work

Step 1: We qualify buyers & sellers.

The Path to Purchase Institute has access to the widest possible array of professionals who market at retail. By understanding the needs of the biggest brands, retailers and agencies in the market and then overlaying that knowledge with the profiles of the market's top providers, we can identify and match organizations most likely to benefit each other.

    Our business matchmaking process:
  • Assesses guest needs
  • Profiles host capabilities
  • Sets 10-15 appointments for hosts
  • Sets 10-15 appointments for guests

Step 2: You prepare to meet.

Even though we've filled your dance card for you, just showing up is not enough. We will give you the tools you need to prepare for your StratConn meetings well in advance, ensuring successful discussions and a high return on your investment.

    We take care of:
  • Pre-screening and matching
  • Advance information reviews
  • Meeting guidelines and advice
  • Efficient, 30-minute meetings

Step 3: Successful engagement.

By making so many strategic connections in such a short period of time, we're confident you'll see some immediate results in the form of follow-up meetings, demo presentations and project discussions. But just to make sure, we'll provide you with communication assistance and contact information.

    You'll realize:
  • Sourcing and sales opportunities
  • New business partners
  • Enhanced strategic plans
  • Stronger supplier relations
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